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Build Your Own Guitar
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Founded by designer– luthier Behrad Gorgani

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Course Options

Toronto Lutherie offers full time, part time, in person classes as well as virtual consultation by appointment. Part time classes run during evenings and weekends, six hours per session over a couple of months. Full time intensive classes are offered by appointment only. Group classes are available for those who are looking for a less expensive alternative. Virtual sessions run via Zoom. Students start with raw materials and walkout with a beautiful heirloom quality instrument of their own creation. Prices include all materials and insurance.


Choice of domestic hardwoods
Wood bending
Bracing design
Neck shaping
Fretting and setup

Ukulele photo
acoustic guitar photo


Option 1:Build an acoustic steel
or nylon string guitar using
existing mold sand patterns.

Option 2:This option includes making
a copy of molds and patterns to
take home for future builds.

Electric guitar


Choice of domestic hardwoods
Solid body design
Neck shaping
Electronics assembly
Fretting and setup

setup photo


One day setup classes
Fret work
Truss rod adjustments
Nut and Saddle

group class photo

Group Classes

please inquire about availability

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Virtual or in person consultation

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Luthier – Instructor

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Behrad Gorgani

Behrad started his journey into the world of musical instruments studying under the mentorship of master luthier Phill Davis while obtaining his bachelor’s degree in graphic design from OCAD University. He later studied with world renowned luthiers Sergei de Jonge and Trevor Gore to further refine his craft. Over the last eight years, Behrad has managed to collaborate with a number of extraordinary musicians working on award winning projects. For the last few years Behrad worked as a faculty member at OCAD University. He currently builds one–of–a–kind handcrafted guitars selling in North America, Europe, and Asia;  as well as teaching to those who aspire to build their own guitar from his studio in Toronto, Canada.


testimonial one photo


Learning guitar making definitely makes you appreciate the complexity and difficulty behind the art. I love my guitar, and I have a connection to it like no other. I’m so grateful for Behrad’s expertise helping me create an instrument I will cherish and play my whole life. Thank you so much Behrad!



I was really impressed with Behrad’s knowledge, patience, and ability to clearly communicate the complexities of building a guitar. It was a wonderful experience to see the transformation from raw wood into an expressive instrument built with my own two hands.

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